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Adventuring Ace Academy

The longest journeys start with the first step through our doors!
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Need knowledge? Use Ours!

About Us

Since our founding in the Year of the Great Cataclysm, we've been the premier academy in all the High Kingdom, known for training the bravest and brightest adventurers!
We've worked tirelessly for a milennia to bring together a team of dedicated staff that will provide an academy experience unparalled in all the realms. Our expert staff members and optimized master-to-pupil ratio ensure each student that graduates from our program ventures out with a disctinctly higher Survival Index™* than non-Adventurng Ace Academy Alumni.
*Statistics were gathered over the past decade and represent an average value. Individual Surivial Indexes™ may vary.
Our knowlege base has books from eras as far back as the dark reckoning and holo-discs from as far forward as the super-eclipse of Justinia! (Recent advances in chronomancy promise even greater knowledge gains as soon as the Pinster-Quark Paradox is solved. We're just losing chronomancers at too high a rate to attem further time displacement without a solution.)
You wouldn't want anyone but us to have your back in this rough and tumble world. Students from across the Nine Realms are scrambling to enroll so rise to the challenge and secure your space now!

Why Choose Us?

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Every Legend Begins Somewhere

The deeds of our course graduates can be heard passing the lips of a tavern minstrel in nearly any city in the kingdom! You’ve no doubt heard tell of the daring exploits of Alexaria Silversword, the philosophical musings of Inetta the Omniscient, or the infamous schemes** of Mordred Lafayette. It shouldn’t surprise you that all of them were AA Academy grads! Looking to join those legendary figures in the stories of history? Look no further than Adventuring Ace Academy!.
**Let the record show that Adventuring Ace Academy does not endorse or condone breaking the laws of the High Kingdom in any way, shape, or fashion.

"Behind every legendary hero hangs their AA Academy Diploma"
- Alexaria Silversword, Legendary Hero
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It’s Dangerous to Go Alone!

Do you know the correct oil slathering procedures to administer should you fall into a nest of hungry Gundarks? What about the lunar phase a Greater Ignoramius Potion must be brewed under? Maybe which of the Hag Covens of the Blackbough Forest are friendly and which would boil you alive? Our graduates do. Some may ask if this knowledge takes the charm out of the "mysterious travelling vagabond" lifestyle, but our grads report a 99% retention of all grungy-lifestyle-allure with a 26% reduction in first-quest deaths!
The adventuring life is a tough one; don’t make a foolish mistake that might cost you your limbs and/or life.
Inquire about our application process today!

"Never trust a quiet and beautiful cave"
-Inetta the Omniscient, Grandmaster Diviner